Chumphon Reverie




Today it is hot and muggy. Clouds threaten rain. We came from the North, where it was dry and smoky and we prayed for rain. Eventually we gave up waiting for our prayers to be answered and came halfway down the Malay peninsula to this place. Now I find the humidity and heat so oppressive I can’t walk around the block!

So we lurk around the food courts of shopping malls, which are loud and full of fat teenagers eating pizza and gulping down soft drinks. But these place are air-conditioned, and they have chairs and sticky tables at which you can sit.

Went back to the hotel and hid in our room. The TV yacks away.

A boy in a tree house yells for his mother to help him when a witch on the ground tries to seduce him with a snake. When his mother finally arrives, the witch has already walked down the road, taking her snake with her. The witch laughs scornfully, knowing full-well that in the long run she will succeed in stealing the boy from his mother.

This is a scene from a Mr. Bean movie on TV back in our hotel, Contrasting realities! I just rode around on a loaner bicycle from the hotel. It was too small for me, as most thing are here. Couldn’t find much to photograph except palm trees, and when you look at a bunch of pictures of them, they all look pretty much the same.

The streets here are alive with people. People on scooters, people in cars, people everywhere. Nobody here walks for exercise. Walking in Thailand is strictly for losers.

Even though there’s little architecturally beautiful here, the place is growing on me. I wish I had a reason to live here. The people are happy and full of life. There’s no lack of rain and smoke isn’t nearly the problem it is up North. There are, however, few foreigners, and those that are here are probably in transit to Koh Tao and will only be here one night.

So I would be lonely. Chiang Mai, where I no live, has thousands of foreigners who are long-term residents.

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